Dr DicQie Fuller

Dr. DicQie Fuller-Looney has enjoyed and been blessed by her thirty-plus years as a clinician, educator, researcher, and author. She has earned two Ph.Ds, one in Health Science and the other in Dietetic Nutrition, and also holds a degree as Naturopathic doctor from Germany’s Kneipp Heilpraktiker Akademie. Her passion in the last 35 years has … Continue reading Dr DicQie Fuller

WH 16-08 Eradicating diabetes with Dr Bera Dordoni

ON WISE HEALTH Aired FEB 23-29, 2016 This week on Wise Health join Suma Nathan and Bill Mackie and their special guest Dr Bera Dordoni for our informal discussion on how you can eradicate diabetes in your life. This is part 1 of a 2 part series in which Dr Bera will be sharing her inspirational story … Continue reading WH 16-08 Eradicating diabetes with Dr Bera Dordoni

15/03 “Have You Been Poisoned”

 Wise Health with Suma Nathan Aired January 20th You're feeling sluggish, down, not too well and you don't know why, this can be a daily occurrence and you just don't know what it is, well maybe it is the following.,the effects of Heavy Metals, daily use of household products and their causes, and how these … Continue reading 15/03 “Have You Been Poisoned”

14/52 Your Mouth Says it All

Wise Health with Suma Nathan and her guest Florentina Galla Originally , aired December 30th/14  Mouth Care and Alternative Medicine Your mouth the first defence in your health, what you put in your mouth dictates your bodies reaction good and bad, everything starts with the mouth. The toxins in your mouth affect your teeth which in turn … Continue reading 14/52 Your Mouth Says it All

14/50 Wellness Revolution “Poisons At the Grocery Store” “Beyond Food”

Aired December 16th/14 on Wise Health with Suma Nathan Let's All Take into Consideration how we all can have a New You for the Coming Year! Health is your only Wealth Is there anything safe to buy off the shelves that are safe anymore? This week Suma delves into the hidden health risks to consuming today;'s highly … Continue reading 14/50 Wellness Revolution “Poisons At the Grocery Store” “Beyond Food”