P14/27b An Unapologetic D.I.V.A

Aired July 8th on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her  "Living Unapologetically"  host guest Tiffany Phillips. Once a little girl who wanted to be anyone but herself to a fully realised D.I.V.A ( dreams, inspirations, visions, and aspirations) who lives her life unapologetically, Tiffany Phillips shares the beauty of her imperfections in a relatable and candid way. … Continue reading P14/27b An Unapologetic D.I.V.A

14/7 About those Jerks!

Transforming Relationships with Julieanne O’Connor and guest Tiffany Phillips Originally Aired February 17th 2014 Transforming Relationships welcomes Special Guest, Actor, Comedian, Writer and Star of I Never Met a Jerk I Didn’t Like, Tiffany Phillips .  Tune-in as our host, Julieanne O’Connor speaks freely with Tiffany Phillips about attracting the bad boys, bad choices in relationships, and the importance of … Continue reading 14/7 About those Jerks!