19-43 Sara’s UK experience

I had a wonderful trip to the UK to see my brother and sister to celebrate our coming of years. As time is passing us by so fast, getting together is a gift as one nevers knows what tomorrow holds, we are 65, 70 and 78, and living in the now is key. We did … Continue reading 19-43 Sara’s UK experience

19-42 Becoming a Senior at 65

Sara's View of Life with Sara Troy, on-air October 15th October 6th I turned 65 years old and now I am officially a senior. Growing older does not worry me, as I have lost so many way too young, aging is a gift and a gift we need to embrace and put to good use. … Continue reading 19-42 Becoming a Senior at 65

19-36 Sara’s Pearls of Wisdom….Time Use

Time, we all live on the same clock, 60 mins in an hour, 24 hours to a day, 7 days a week 4 weeks to a month and 12 months to a year. How we use that time changes according to demands on your life, experiences, and time management. Even though we have devices that … Continue reading 19-36 Sara’s Pearls of Wisdom….Time Use

19–28 Entitlement versus Gratitude

Entitlement, a belief that you are owed more than anyone else and the fact you do not care who suffers because of it. Are we entitled to live a happy productive life? Yes, we are, if we are willing to work for it. We can have all the abundance in the world if we are … Continue reading 19–28 Entitlement versus Gratitude

18-14 Sara’s Seven Years of Podcasting

Sara Troy on Sara's View of Life, on-air from April 2rd April 4th is my 7th year of podcasting and I have learnt so much about me and humanity from it. When I was asked to join a podcast network back in April 2012, I was not sure if I could do it. I had … Continue reading 18-14 Sara’s Seven Years of Podcasting