TSM22-19 The Dancer and The Devil

Sara Troy with her guests John O’Neill and Sarah Wynne, on air from May 10th Washington, D.C.—Communism must kill what it cannot control. So, for a century, it has killed artists, writers, musicians, and even dancers. It kills them secretly, using bioweapons and poison to escape accountability. Among its victims was Anna Pavlova, history’s greatest … Continue reading TSM22-19 The Dancer and The Devil

22-19 Poison or Empathy?

Sara's View of Life, with Sara Troy, on air from May 10th I have just finished doing a show on Stalin, Lennen, and Putin and their love of poisons and killing people who offend them. It is very scary to know that there are still people in the world that will kill so easily and … Continue reading 22-19 Poison or Empathy?