We are of the Human Race

The thing we all have in common on this planet is that we are humans, we all need and want peace in our homes, safety for our families, the right to work, worship and love who we want, the empowerment to build a better life that serves us and each other the whole of mankind. … Continue reading We are of the Human Race

Christmas shows we have done.

Christmas shows from Self Discovery Media

C17-14a Daily Meditations for Stress with Michel Pascal

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Michel Pascal, on air from April 4th Michel Pascal, an inspiring meditation teacher whose programs are in Fortune 500 companies, in prisons, and in his recent multimedia meditation performance at Carnegie Hall, comes a new book with revolutionary and simple one-minute meditations to change our lives. Drawing on … Continue reading C17-14a Daily Meditations for Stress with Michel Pascal

17-06 Happy Valentine’s Month

Transforming Relationships with host, Julieanne O’Connor, on airs from Feb 7th  Tune-in for a quick chat about Relationship Happiness, what that means and how to let go of the comparisons of your life path to another. Julieanne who is a relationship coach and happily married knows the importance of embracing each other's wonderful differences. TUNE IN … Continue reading 17-06 Happy Valentine’s Month

17-07 Love Love Love the Whole of Us

Sara Troy with Sara's View of Life, on air February 14th  LOVE DOES MAKE THE WORLD GROW AROUND Love, we all seek it, we all need it and love is the vibration in which brings us loving peace. Love is not only man woman, parent-child, it is love for everyone, for all living things and for … Continue reading 17-07 Love Love Love the Whole of Us