20-15 Hurry up and slow down in these times.

Sara Troy on Sara's View of Life A brand new site was meant to launch right now, but due to circumstance it is delayed, but not wanting to let my people down, I created a temporary site to keep the wisdom going. Sometimes you just have to listen to the messages along the way. https://soundcloud.com/plv-radio/20-25-hurry-up-and-slow-down-adapting-to-the-nowContinue reading 20-15 Hurry up and slow down in these times.

Community Mentors shows

With so many experts in so many fields that have been interviewed on Self Discovery Media Network,  we have created the Community Mentors Directory to spotlight their expertise for you. https://youtu.be/1nXu9O0qy6k You will find our Community Mentors shows here and you can find their Mentors business page to see what they offer you to enhance your … Continue reading Community Mentors shows