BB22-19 Rich Owen, Your Online Security

Building your business with Sara Troy and her guest Rich Owen (Richard William Owen, Jr.) In the over 50 years of protecting information, Rich Owen has had some great opportunities and received much recognition. He created many computer security programs including the one for Mission Operations at Johnson Space Center, where the astronauts awarded him … Continue reading BB22-19 Rich Owen, Your Online Security

BB22-07 Vikram Rajan and Videosocials.

Building your business with Saras Troy, and her guest Vikram Rajan, on air from February 15th If you look presentable for client meetings, you’ll look good for your video blogging! Sure, fix your hair: But no need to fixate on it. Videosocials are a safe place to practice. We’ll give you pointers (like don’t silhouette in … Continue reading BB22-07 Vikram Rajan and Videosocials.


LOOK NO FURTHER… BRINGING YOU QUALITY LEADS, CLIENTS & SALES Personable | Intelligent | Presentable | Creative MACANNA AGENCIES Brenda DeWynter. “Running a small business has its challenges!” (Any small business owner knows that a “Jack-of-all-trades” doesn’t cut it.) “But you still need sales & to connect with potential clients on a person-to-person basis” (because … Continue reading MACANNA AGENCIES Show-Case