The Nature of Addictions

We do not understand why we become addicts but we do know it is a replacement for something we are missing within. These shows focus on the solution to the many problems of addiction and in the many forms it comes in. Addiction is not just about drugs and alcohol, but our addictive nature in all … Continue reading The Nature of Addictions


Addiction comes in many forms, it is not only drugs or alcohol, it is a state of mind trying to flee, or feed the heart and soul. Here are some shows that address addictions in their many forms and how people found their way out of them. These are shows done on addiction, please do share … Continue reading ADDICTION

P15/02b Two Lives One Life Time, a Story of Addiction

Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Pat Reihl. Aired from January 13th It is a NEW YEAR and is a very good time to invest in yourself. First, we have, to be honest with ourselves and the lives we are currently living, are we serving ourselves or crippling our lives? Pat in … Continue reading P15/02b Two Lives One Life Time, a Story of Addiction