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Become one of our full/part-time Hosts. 

Sharing the wisdom and stories of courage strength and self-love is very fulfilling, come and join our purpose in getting the word out that change is possible and that coming together will heal not only us but the world.

We know how impactful someone’s story can be; “Inspirational to be Invitational” which guides others to find their own path in life by seeing the possibilities and knowing where to find the tools needed to make the journey of Self Discovery.

We learn from each other, someone else’s journey becomes their tools in life and those tools shared help us on our own journey. Interviewing people who are here to guide love and care for humanity is not only needed but a total pleasure.

We are looking for people with interviewing experience to do some interviews across many genres as a guest host. ALL YOU DO IS THE INTERVIEW and WE DO THE REST. Join our Mentors membership and have your platform available for those who need your mentor skills and services with your own Mentors page and shows page.

If you wish to also host your own show drop us an email.

We interview Ordinary people doing Extraordinary things for humanity and this planet.


Podcasting Etiquette

Want to be a Mentor and guide someone in their transition in life?

Your voice is needed, when you share your journey of wisdom it inspires another on their own path, you are feeding possibilities. Becoming a Community Mentor Member allows you to share a story, a philosophy, a skill, a purpose, a book, a program, a service and so much more..Come join us today.

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