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  1. Ok, My health is my choice, so I believe, and yet a neurologist has the final word or action/s that they will do or not do, when you know at least 85% of the reason/s why your condition with seizures still can happen. 58 years now & NO CHANGE in doctors attitudes where they care enough to listen to your concerns & desires you have to live a ”normal life”. ALERT,, None of them want any of us to have a normal life & a seizure free one at that. My views & beliefs I know can affect everyone who lives with & without seizures and other brain conditions, to where the true realities that we all ”’could have”’ similar triggers to having seizures, never in any trials & research studies ever gets looked at. All to say CDC, FDA, NIH, ANA & BIG PHARMA all controls what WE who lives with seizures, have to accept for treatment to CONTROL THE SYMPTOMS & never cure the seizure condition/s. <That is my choice of what I WANT, but do I or will I ever get that to have my seizures end forever ? Having epilepsy & some other brain conditions are some of the easiest conditions for any neurologist to say & tell us & others, WE CAN NOT STOP SEIZURES or KNOW WHAT THE CAUSE OF THEM ARE FROM. Right, as I have heard tho0se worlds now for over 51 years & with tears too at times as I tell them I AM TIRED OF THIS SEIZURE LIFE,, & none of you ever care to end it. So what is next when they hear that ?,, they say,,, Here's a new drug to try OR you may qualify for the VNS that would end your seizures, yet also could cause you to have more. So what do you think I have done over the years & decades,? TRUST Doctors or TRUST God ?

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