Let us look at life differently this YEAR.

Let us look at 2020 differently, let us see all the possibilities in life, let us care for each other,let us be kind to one another, let us be thoughtful to our planet, let us be mindful of our anger, let us be carefree with our spirit, let us lead with our soul and follow … Continue reading Let us look at life differently this YEAR.

Community Mentors shows

With so many experts in so many fields that have been interviewed on Self Discovery Media Network,  we have created the Community Mentors Directory to spotlight their expertise for you. You will find our Community Mentors shows here and you can find their Mentors business page to see what they offer you to enhance your life. … Continue reading Community Mentors shows

We are of the Human Race

The thing we all have in common on this planet is that we are humans, we all need and want peace in our homes, safety for our families, the right to work, worship and love who we want, the empowerment to build a better life that serves us and each other the whole of mankind. … Continue reading We are of the Human Race

All Patterns Are Not Equal

by Dianne Shaver. Success Development at "Entrepreneur Mind World". Being human means that things do not always go well. It’s easy to feel successful and happy when everything is humming along. But what do we do when things go awry? Most of us get angry at circumstances or at ourselves. “How could you be so stupid?” is not an unusual … Continue reading All Patterns Are Not Equal

The Biggest What If, by Dianne Shaver

Ideas can come from some pretty unexpected places. I was reading a Patagonia catalog which, these days is filled with stories about the outdoor way of life in a very philosophical, insightful way when one hit.In this particular article they talked about those who ski real mountains, not the groomed trails, the really hair-raising sheer drop … Continue reading The Biggest What If, by Dianne Shaver