Gina Gardener.

Imagine being paralyzed and having the strength and determination to come back from this, learning to walk again as an adult – twice and still achieve the top accolades of your profession. Gina Gardiner’s own story is one of powerful transformation. Genuinely-You Ltd is Gina’s business, providing compelling coaching and training. Her wide range of … Continue reading Gina Gardener.

Taoist Meditation:

Taoist Meditation: 8 Taoist Meditation Techniques For Inspiration And Inner Peace Taoist meditation is a powerful practice that originates from ancient China. But how does it work? And how do you practice Taoist meditation? In this guide, you’ll discover everything you need to know including 8 Taoist meditation techniques, exercises and Tao prayers to expand … Continue reading Taoist Meditation:

19-46 Unravelling the thread into Possibilities.

The Changes we make branch of into possibilities. I am heartened by the changes this world is making by ordinary people like you and me, I am uplifted by the hope I see, I am thrilled to be a part of it and my soul is dancing to the good vibrations we are feeling. Let … Continue reading 19-46 Unravelling the thread into Possibilities.

“Wife of a Master” by Ala Villanueva.

Excerpt  of Ala's book "Wife of a Master."  FALL DOWN, GET UP, FALL DOWN, GET UP Ready, set, fall. I sit in front of these mini-stories scattered on the floor behind me. I am re-reading all the words that linked themselves to each other in aloof observation and mortified introspection. Not wanting to dig into … Continue reading “Wife of a Master” by Ala Villanueva.

Jenny Mannion’s School of Wellness Mastery Course

Do you remember feeling so blissfully happy at some point in your life? - Maybe it was a time in nature. - Perhaps it was a proud or special moment for you or someone you loved. - It could be it a moment where time seemed to stand still and you felt like you didn't … Continue reading Jenny Mannion’s School of Wellness Mastery Course