Dressions Dance by Leslé Honoré Poetry  

  ·  It doesn’t always look like darkness Disheveled Discombobulated Sometimes it looks like dance Like joy Like syncopated rhythms Like grace Like choreography channelling Ancestor’s dreams Powerful Successful Enviable Sometimes we get so good At the act At the entertainment At wearing the mask That we can fool ourselves A little bit Long enough for … Continue reading Dressions Dance by Leslé Honoré Poetry  

Suffering In Silence

How To Be A Beacon Of Hope To Those Precious In Our Lives -Relationship Expert/Author Heather Dugan Available For Insights- This week, fans of The Ellen Degeneres Show and So You Think You Can Dance were shocked and saddened by the unexpected death of beloved Dancer/DJ/Actor/Producer Stephen "Twitch" Boss. The public acknowledgment of his passing by suicide … Continue reading Suffering In Silence

2022. Give Books for Christmas

Sara Troy shares some of her podcasts guest authors' books, she has interviewed many illuminating souls and these books make for great Christmas and any-time gifts. Books are a gift that keeps on giving, you can read them again and again, or just browse through them, refer to others, and or share them, for the … Continue reading 2022. Give Books for Christmas

10 Minutes Pearls of Wisdom-WORDS

Our Pearls of wisdom today is on the Energy of Words, with Sara Troy Words can hurt, they can uplift, they can damn, and they can liberate; using the right words in the right tone, with honest intent, can have an impact that can be very profound. Words not only have meaning, but they also … Continue reading 10 Minutes Pearls of Wisdom-WORDS

Deb Drummonds & 262 Authors Invite

Mission Accepted: 262 Women Entrepreneurs, Ultrapreneurs, Creatives, and Media Rock Legacy & Tell All Deborah Drummond Learn More Thank you so much for exploring being an author in this incredible project! With a name like Mission Accepted, you know it’s got to be good!! I can’t begin to tell you how excited and honoured I am … Continue reading Deb Drummonds & 262 Authors Invite