19-37 Pearls of Wisdom….Caring

Disasters are everywhere, the Amazon burning, fires in Africa, and elsewhere, Hurricane Dorian flattening the Bahamas, one thing after the other, it is easy to be overwhelmed. This is a time we can thank whatever source we paray to that we are safe and sound, but who knows what tomorrow brings and who is next. … Continue reading 19-37 Pearls of Wisdom….Caring

19-36 Sara’s Pearls of Wisdom….Time Use

Time, we all live on the same clock, 60 mins in an hour, 24 hours to a day, 7 days a week 4 weeks to a month and 12 months to a year. How we use that time changes according to demands on your life, experiences, and time management. Even though we have devices that … Continue reading 19-36 Sara’s Pearls of Wisdom….Time Use

16/15 Children of Mixed Race.

Sara's View of Life with Sara Troy aired April 12th/15 I married a Chinese guy much to my mothers horror, and although we are not together any more we have 3 incredible children to be thankful for. Yes they are mixed, does that mean any thing? Not to me, I see them in all their … Continue reading 16/15 Children of Mixed Race.

Our Wealth is in Our Global Community

We won't find wealth until we see the wealth in unity in our community, for that wealth of knowledge, care and collaboration are what builds a community to enrichment and love. We do not have dollar signs above our heads, we are not for sale, we are not a commodity. Our wealth currency is in … Continue reading Our Wealth is in Our Global Community