Calm People Calm Pets

Josh is an animal whisper, and he shares with us in how to care for our pets. Dogs horses it is all about how calm are we as that reflects on the animal. Tune in to hear all his past shows, John has moved on the help his wife get ready for the 2016 Olympics. … Continue reading Calm People Calm Pets

00014 The Question of Dangerous Dogs

Aired 12-2/4/6/-2013.  "Calm People make calm pets" with Josh Goodstadt. I discuss the subject of 'Dangerous Dogs". My best show yet. You definitely won't want to miss it!!! This week I discuss the ever going problem of Pitbull attacks.  My goal is to not place blame but to offer knowledge so that you the dog … Continue reading 00014 The Question of Dangerous Dogs

14/4 Codependency.

Airing January 27th again 29 & 31st on Calm People make Calm Pets with Josh Goodstadt. Codependency.  What is it? How do we recognize it within ourselves and how does it effect the relationships we have with others and our own pets. More on Josh /calm-people-calm-pets/

14/3 “Unsung Heroes”

Originally Aired January 20th  on Calm people make Calm pets with Josh Goodstadt.  This is a shout out to all the "Unsung Heroes" out there who have done their part to make this world a better place for our furry friends.  I think it's awesome of all the unorthodox ways people have chosen to help … Continue reading 14/3 “Unsung Heroes”

14/5 Do you have the time to spend with your dog.

Airing February 3rd 4 pm on Calm People make calm pets with Josh Goodstadt Do you have the time to spend with your dog.    The number one factor of an imbalanced dog is not enough time spent keeping your dogs brain busy. The need to play to exercise to feel busy and purposeful. A … Continue reading 14/5 Do you have the time to spend with your dog.