Live Your Best Life

Do you want to: Live life with meaning and purpose    Achieve your dreams and goals Have fulfilling relationships Re-invent yourself Re-launch your life Enjoy vibrant health Make life work for you Be your authentic true self Unleash your potential Join a global community of positive and successful people? Then tune in to Dina Marais … Continue reading Live Your Best Life

Inspiring South Africans

The Spirit of South Africa is alive and well ! Says Heather : "South Africa is a beautiful country, abundantly rich in many things, including it's people! Table Mountain in Cape Town Inspiring South Africans was created to honour the legacy of our belated and beloved Nelson Mandela, to keep his dream for South Africa alive and to drive … Continue reading Inspiring South Africans

Own Your Money

If you’re reading this, YOU HAVE TIME, time to take another step, breathe another breath and make a better YOU.  Regardless of your journey, your story, your lot or your birth order, YOU STILL HAVE TIME to make a difference in your life and the lives of your loved ones, your friends and for that matter, … Continue reading Own Your Money

Living Unapologetically

Tiffany Phillips is an accomplished actress, comedian, singer, writer and producer based in Los Angeles with an extensive background in film, television and theatre. She is bringing us her how on Living Unapologetically and in humour,  so you can live life to its fullest.  Join Tiffany each week for candid, funny, thought provoking, no holds barred conversations on living … Continue reading Living Unapologetically

The Writer’s Divine Den

Discover the magical world of written words and the power they have to influence our personal lives and the world at large. On these shows hosted by Jackie VanCampen, you will have access to the literary world, receive tips that help connect you with the heart, be exposed to books that touch the soul, and … Continue reading The Writer’s Divine Den