Wellness Woman 40 & Beyond Magazine

      UPCOMING NEW ISSUE FEBRUARY 1ST 2016  The Wellness Woman of today is a woman who invests in her own health and wellbeing and that of her loved ones. The Wellness Woman 40 & Beyond Magazine offers inspirational advice on how to take care of ourselves and our families in today's busy world. … Continue reading Wellness Woman 40 & Beyond Magazine

Wellness Journey Show

The Wellness Journey Series hosted by Lynnis Woods-Mullins  The newest series to the Wellness Journey Podcast Series is “Loving the Natural You”. As we travel through life, our mindset, heart, and body go through a multitude of changes, and without taking time to learn about these changes, one may feel lost, insecure, and unhappy. It’s time to make … Continue reading Wellness Journey Show

Calm People Calm Pets

Josh is an animal whisper, and he shares with us in how to care for our pets. Dogs horses it is all about how calm are we as that reflects on the animal. Tune in to hear all his past shows, John has moved on the help his wife get ready for the 2016 Olympics. … Continue reading Calm People Calm Pets

14/11The Four Letter word…F.E.A.R.

AIRED March 17th/14 on Spiritual Awakenings with Jackie Mihalchick  Join Jackie Mihalchick as she talks about change and the Four Letter word...F.E.A.R.   Listen in as she candidly shares her personal journey and the start of A Clairvoyant Journey.  She also talks about her recent experience of being "let Go" from her corporate day job.  She … Continue reading 14/11The Four Letter word…F.E.A.R.

Everyday Happiness

Join Vicki McLeod for her Pajama Podcasts on Everyday Happiness. Every show focuses in on one of the multiple dimensions that make for a balanced and happy daily life. The shows cover a variety of topics that include business and career, home and environment, personal growth and spirituality, health and wellness, relationships, and play and creativity. Vicki … Continue reading Everyday Happiness