Energy Coaching : Jen Poulson

The Pursuit of Wholeness Show featuring Jen Poulson  How to Eliminate  Negative  Subconscious Thoughts, Emotions and Beliefs Energy Coaching is the simple process of identifying and eliminating negative subconscious thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that affect how you feel, think, and react.  ™.  Energy Coaching has helped many improve their life and relationships in profound ways.  Jen … Continue reading Energy Coaching : Jen Poulson

Self Discovery Radio by Sara Troy

The Pursuit of Wholeness Show featuring Sara Troy “We are all in the Pursuit of Wholeness so we may live more meaningful purposeful, and abundant lives through uniting in our global love for one another other.” I am Sara Troy “Self Discovery Radio” Owner-Operator-Host Self Discovery Radio Network is dedicated to helping people connect and build healthy … Continue reading Self Discovery Radio by Sara Troy

TIME FOR CHANGE: Danielle Bussone

             The Pursuit of Wholeness Show featuring Danielle Bussone  TIME FOR CHANGE: Whole Foods For Whole Health! Time For Change is your comprehensive go-to guide for making your transition to a healthy, whole-foods lifestyle easy, affordable and fun! It includes the science behind why you should consider adopting a plant-based … Continue reading TIME FOR CHANGE: Danielle Bussone

“Trial By Fire”: Charles Mattocks

The Pursuit of Wholeness Show featuring Charles Mattocks “Trial By Fire”, Celebrity Chef Shares His Passion For Raising Awareness About Painful Chronic Disease CRPS/RSD Celebrity Chef, Emmy Nominated Actor, and Author Charles Mattocks shares with us his personal experience with the horribly painful disease CRPS/RSD  .  Chef Mattocks talks about his new film “Trial By Fire” … Continue reading “Trial By Fire”: Charles Mattocks

Love is my word. Rev. Kimberly Braun

The Pursuit of Wholeness Show featuring  Rev. Kimberly Braun, M.A. Deep within their lies an infinite Source unceasingly seeking to inspire us to new levels of personal happiness, peace and expression as the Divine in the world. My life is all about living from that place and being a friend to others that they may … Continue reading Love is my word. Rev. Kimberly Braun