Sam Hawksmoor Novels

The Pursuit of Wholeness show presents  The Sam Hawksmoor Novels Sara Troy interviews Sam Hawksmoor of his books and being a writer.  SHOW AIRS HERE WITH ON-DEMAND LISTENING  ITunes Spotify  Soundcloud   Amazon  Google play,    iHEART  Acast    onpodium   Anchor  Podvine   Radio Public.    FM Player   Launchpad  Mixcloud    Vurbl    Odysee   Youtube  Sticher Sara Troy interviews Sam Hawksmoor author … Continue reading Sam Hawksmoor Novels

Intuition Mastery Summit

Do you want to overcome struggles, remove blocks, and improve your health and happiness? Imagine creating more success and abundance in your life; Imagine making better decisions and choices; Imagine having more love and happiness; and Imagine this new way of living is available to you right NOW! This wonderful opportunity to live a life … Continue reading Intuition Mastery Summit

Living “In the ZONE” with Bill Maquis

         The Pursuit of Wholeness show presents Bill Macquis and the Mindology  Join Sara Troy with her guest Bill Maquis founder of Living Fractals and discoverer of the Q-Factor and developer of the Q-Factor Mobile App. The Q-Factor Mobile App is an app that you will be able to run on any … Continue reading Living “In the ZONE” with Bill Maquis

Energy Coaching : Jen Poulson

The Pursuit of Wholeness Show featuring Jen Poulson  How to Eliminate  Negative  Subconscious Thoughts, Emotions and Beliefs Energy Coaching is the simple process of identifying and eliminating negative subconscious thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that affect how you feel, think, and react.  ™.  Energy Coaching has helped many improve their life and relationships in profound ways.  Jen … Continue reading Energy Coaching : Jen Poulson

TIME FOR CHANGE: Danielle Bussone

             The Pursuit of Wholeness Show featuring Danielle Bussone  TIME FOR CHANGE: Whole Foods For Whole Health! Time For Change is your comprehensive go-to guide for making your transition to a healthy, whole-foods lifestyle easy, affordable and fun! It includes the science behind why you should consider adopting a plant-based … Continue reading TIME FOR CHANGE: Danielle Bussone