Current Shows line up

Inspirational, Unveiling, Intuitive, Illuminating talk radio and more…New shows every Tuesday, enjoy Self Discovery Media Orchard of Wisdom shows Tune in every week here on What's New from Tuesday-Monday to find new shows that will truly inspire and enlighten you about all the great work that is being done globally and celebrate the people who … Continue reading Current Shows line up

Wisdom Never Dies

I have had the delight of looking after my13 month old Grandson in the last week or so, but unfortunately a new flue virus got us all which meant I could not get to give you any new shows this week. So I am sharing all our show topic genres from which there are collectively … Continue reading Wisdom Never Dies

22-19 Poison or Empathy?

Sara's View of Life, with Sara Troy, on air from May 10th I have just finished doing a show on Stalin, Lennen, and Putin and their love of poisons and killing people who offend them. It is very scary to know that there are still people in the world that will kill so easily and … Continue reading 22-19 Poison or Empathy?

QS22-19. Lauren Walker’s Energy to Heal

Quantum Spirituality with Sara Troy and her guest Lauren Walker, on air from May 10th Lauren has been named one of the top 100 most influential yoga teachers in America.Her new book outlines Walker’s system to help anyone who feels overwhelmed or anxious, as well as those struggling to recover from an intensely traumatic experience.  In … Continue reading QS22-19. Lauren Walker’s Energy to Heal

BB22-19 Rich Owen, Your Online Security

Building your business with Sara Troy and her guest Rich Owen (Richard William Owen, Jr.) In the over 50 years of protecting information, Rich Owen has had some great opportunities and received much recognition. He created many computer security programs including the one for Mission Operations at Johnson Space Center, where the astronauts awarded him … Continue reading BB22-19 Rich Owen, Your Online Security

TSM22-19 The Dancer and The Devil

Sara Troy with her guests John O’Neill and Sarah Wynne, on air from May 10th Washington, D.C.—Communism must kill what it cannot control. So, for a century, it has killed artists, writers, musicians, and even dancers. It kills them secretly, using bioweapons and poison to escape accountability. Among its victims was Anna Pavlova, history’s greatest … Continue reading TSM22-19 The Dancer and The Devil