John North Evolvepreneur

Discover The New Revolution in Community-Based eLearning and Marketing Solutions for Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Podcasters, Publishers and Mastermind Groups. Traditional eLearning and Coaching Systems are non-interactive and too rigid for the busy and distracting lifestyles of today's students and clients. We have struggled with providing clients with even a basic business system without having to … Continue reading John North Evolvepreneur

All Patterns Are Not Equal

by Dianne Shaver. Success Development at "Entrepreneur Mind World". Being human means that things do not always go well. It’s easy to feel successful and happy when everything is humming along. But what do we do when things go awry? Most of us get angry at circumstances or at ourselves. “How could you be so stupid?” is not an unusual … Continue reading All Patterns Are Not Equal

The Biggest What If, by Dianne Shaver

Ideas can come from some pretty unexpected places. I was reading a Patagonia catalog which, these days is filled with stories about the outdoor way of life in a very philosophical, insightful way when one hit.In this particular article they talked about those who ski real mountains, not the groomed trails, the really hair-raising sheer drop … Continue reading The Biggest What If, by Dianne Shaver