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    Self Discovery brings you insightful, liberating, intuitive people from around the globe.


What if we supported the people and organizations who are making a difference in our communities all around the world?

What if we celebrated people and their journey because they inspire others to do the same?

We can contribute to global harmony by coming together to make this world a kinder and happier place to live.

We need to support these organizations and individuals through our support and funding, allowing them to fulfill their purpose, and to enrich the lives of many.

Here at Discovering Communities Organization where the discovery of self can be found, we believe in and champion these individuals and organizations by helping to raise their awareness and funds they need to thrive.

Discovering Communities supports the Fund-Action program, we invite you to come and be a part of it. 

We are bringing you shows that inspire and invite us to believe in our own future.

We are helping to rebuild lives, in health, in businesses and humanitarian platforms that make this a better world for all of us.

Sponsors can invest in humanity and all its possibilities by supporting our philanthropy books, our many shows, and educational programs (coming soon!).

Our collaborative books help to raise money for the  Fund-Action. This service subsidizes the costs of the experts found in our Mentors directory, connecting them to those in transition who need a hand.

Connection to the Community Mentors Directory you will find skilled, wise, knowledgeable people who are here to support you with their skills and services.

Our videos and podcast are filled with an abundance of wisdom and knowledge that guides us and inspires us forward in life. Inspiration is an invitation.

Our future teaching series brings education on the living-in-our-health-inner-wealth and eco-abundance.

Igniting awareness in our series programs on our environment, health, liberty, and self discovery participation. In our further developing Podcast-Books we’re providing support, awareness, and funding to those stories and organizations that are changing lives.

This is just the surface of what the Self Discovery Media and Community is doing and will (with your support) to continue to do for our global society.



I Sara Troy owner/host of Self Discovery Media and Community believes in humanity and collaborations. You will see here that our platform is where we will be raising awareness and money for the many inspires and foundations that we celebrate giving them more fuel to support their own wonderful course.

We are hosted by those who have taken their journey and have found their purpose and meaning in life and are now living that dream, inspiring others to visualize their own and aspiring to make it happen. You will see the word Discovery a lot as we celebrate everyone’s Self Discovery and the path that is showing others that our stories release others from their burdens.

You will find on this network shows to enlighten and excite you, the ORCHARD OF WISDOM archive library is filled with experienced people to help you get where you desire to go and find the people to unite within building a global collaboration in embracing all our desired possibilities.

We invite you to tune in every week to hear new shows and take a look at all the archived wisdom that has gone before. New shows air Tuesday to Monday.

Self-Discovery Media has many genres, each genre covers particular topics and stories.

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In helping us to keep bringing you such inspiration and enlightenment on a weekly basis we welcome your support.

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