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  Welcome to Self Discovery Media Shows.

    Self Discovery brings you insightful, liberating, intuitive people from around the globe.


What if we could see possibilities and embrace opportunities because we choose to and we then decided to believe, act and commit to making it happen?

We are all in some sort of discovery in our lives, and we seem to learn not only by our own journey but by those who have gone before us that inspires us to move forward into embracing our own “What if ” possibilities.

Self Discovery Media is focusing our direction on showcasing the work that people and organisations are doing globally in helping to redirect the world and its inhabitants to live in a more tranquil purposeful and meaningful liberating life.

We believe that if we share the stories and some of the incredible journeys that ordinary people have made in redirecting their lives and in embracing their true love of life and purpose, it will not only inspire you the listener but also show you who you can turn to help you find your own purpose in your own life. Our stories release others from their burdens.

I Sara Troy owner/host of Self Discovery, believes in humanity and collaborations. You will soon see a platform where we will be raising money for the many foundations we celebrate giving them more fuel to support their own wonderful course.

We are hosted by those who have taken their journey and have found their purpose and meaning in life and are now living that dream, inspiring others to visualise their own and aspiring to make it happen. You will see the word Discovery a lot as we celebrate everyone’s Self Discovery and the path that is showing others that our stories release others from their burdens.

You will find on this network shows to enlighten and excite you, the ORCHARD OF WISDOM archive library is filled with experienced people to help you get where you desire to go and find the people to unite with in building a global collaboration in embracing all our desired possibilities.

We invite you to tune in every week to hear new shows and take a look at all the archived wisdom that has gone before. New shows air Tuesday to Mondays.

Self-Discovery Media has many genres, each genre covers particular topics and stories.

For mobile/tablets you can download your free apps here:

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We have a new show intro song written and performed by Danae called Directions, to hear her full story and by the full song. BUY SONG HERE

In helping us to keep bringing you such inspiration and enlightenment on weekly basis we welcome your support.

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Jane Robson. Tyler Towe. Tasha and Tabytha Towe. Sam Hawksmoor.

 Jan Berney. Ingrid Erickson. Sam North. Caprice Fine Art & Co. Inc. Tyler Towe. Lidia Frederico. Toks Coker. Colleen Wynia. Doug Setter. Janet.R.Walmsley.  Stephen Kovacs. Barbara Chabior. Judy Weis. Christina Hill. 


Self Discovery Media was formerly known as Self Discovery Radio and as PLV RADIO.  All our older shows and past host are still here Past Host Shows  and Positive Living Vibrations

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A recent interview on being a radio host

Affiliation Discovery shows

Written Word, Spoken Word, and Visual Aid, to help you expand your brand, summits, webinars, events, books and more with the “The  Discovery Store” reaching global customers. 

Check out  The Discovery Store



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