Logan has a Heart condition and NEED us

Sara Troy here, may I ask a favor please.

We have an amazing young man named Logan who has a life threatening condition? Logan has an awazing view on life, and he interviewed me a while back, and blew me away with his poise, grace and strength.

Well he’s taken a turn for the worst and.

When it rains, it pours.

His family have five days to raise up enough money or they’re going to be homeless.

Logan’s drugs are a lot and the family has fallen on hard times, let us step up and be there for them, or

they’re going to be put into an eviction process.

They have no health insurance and without his medication he won’t survive. There is a go fund me to try to save not only his life but his siblings lives who are also sick. Would you mind sharing this?

And if you don’t want to repost this, I completely understand and I appreciate you just even considering it.

Maybe you would just like to donate to their fund so they are not homeless and Logan can get his meds, every drop helps to keep them in their home and get him the meds he needs to live.

Logan has NO INSURANCE with a heart condition


Brought to you by Sara Troy of Self Discovery Wisdom