SE23-16. Sex, Love, Relationship, Coach Carina Reeves

Sensual Expressions with Sara Troy and her guest Carina Reeves, on air from April 17th

My “why”:

Research shows that 75% of women are reported to be struggling with self esteem and self worth issues, and that they have reached their peak confidence by AGE 9. Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach Carina Reeves is an Energy Specialist who transforms women’s lives by releasing toxic sub-conscious beliefs and teaching somatic led self love. 

Before coaching Carina was a world travelling professional cellist, where she learned that the energy of how you show up affects not only how you play, but how everyone else plays with you as well. 

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Carina is a certified Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach and a certified facilitator in the cutting edge modality Energetic Magic. Her coaching is founded in Tantra, Family Systems Therapy, Spiritual and Energetic Laws, and being a professional world-traveling cellist of the past twenty nine years.

Dedicated to helping heal the feelings of being unloved, unseen, and unfulfilled, Carina is passionate about shifting and letting go of the hurts and beliefs that keep you small, stuck, lonely, and unhappy. Carina uses powerful embodiment techniques to repair emotional scars being held in the body, and she helps release the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from creating the life and relationships that feel beautiful and connected today not someday.

She is the founder of the online women’s group Goddesses In Jeans, author of the upcoming women’s journal You Are A Goddess: 30 days to Feel Like the Goddess You Are, and the creator of the program The Playful Goddess, 6 months to uncovering your Freedom and Magic.

Instagram: @carinareeves_


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