BB23-15. Emily Bassett and On-line Biz Presence

Building Your Business with Sara Troy and her Emily Bassett, on air from April 11th

Helping people to understand how to show up online. With a world going more and more online you don’t want to be left behind but it’s also EASY to be scammed and tricked into spending too much money and not getting results or ownership. Creating digestible marketing strategies to suit your needs.

We talk about the importance of digital marketing and safety when getting set up. There are so many common mistakes when it comes to digital marketing. From overpaying for product or website before you have proof of concept of your brand, to making every password the same and getting hacked on social or in your email. From strategy to logistic elements the digital world is complicated and finding a reliable team can feel super painful, or super expensive. I got into marketing because I care, I am passionate for design and helping people find their unique selling point and helping their target audience!

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I grew up just outside of Toronto, I have always been a public speaker and very outgoing. My original degree was in Forensic Science, but after a backpacking trip to Europe after graduating it was the beginning to the end of using that degree. While I enjoy science and investigation it was a job that would stick me in one place for a long time, little to no vacation and little control on where i worked – and always limited to Canada.

  • moved to australia, then the mountains, then Denmark
  • Travelled to 25 countries before I was 25 and plan to hit 30 before I’m 30 (currently at 29) 
  • Found my calling in marketing (accidental-ish)
  • Grew myself in the startup scene over seas then wasn’t sure if I could move it back to North America when the world got locked down and I returned to Canada (break up, lockdown, lost 2 jobs in 1 day – now what?)
  • Connected with my business partner
  • Got the company Startemup Marketing Solutions to what it is today.

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All of our shows/interviews are done by donation, if you enjoyed this show please support us here.