YH23-15. Dr. Greg Pursley, “Think and Lose Weight”

Your Health is Your Choice with Sara Troy and her guest Dr Greg Parsley, on air from April 11th

Dr. Pursley, aka Dr. G, is a catalyst for personal growth. He is on a mission to transform the lives of 1 million people! He shows people how to reach and exceed their goals quickly, all by harnessing the power of their Belief Systems. He’s the creator of Dr G’s Personal Growth Program, author of Fix Your BS, and owner of PC Medical Centers, an integrated regenerative medical clinic. Dr G has helped motivate people to identify their IDEAL belief system so that they can take simple, time saving-steps to build the life they want.

Help my group or organization learn how to “Think and Lose Weight”

Weight loss is a topic that has been misunderstood for decades. Products and services have been created and sold resulting in a multi-billion dollar per year industry. The marketing for this industry sells individuals on the idea of quick results with promises of “Lose 30 pounds in 30 days” or “Get a six-pack with these quick and easy steps.” These results are achievable, they say, if you buy their product or service.

There is no need to buy anything and you don’t need a guru or a system. Over the past 13 years I have helped people get out of pain and lose weight. I’ve heard all of the excuses and “reasons” why someone hasn’t reached their goal. I can sum up weight loss in one sentence: if you want to change your weight, change your habits.

5 Steps to Fix Your BS

Feel like life is passing you by? One day blends into the next and before you know it, another year has gone by. It’s time to take action. Here are five simple steps that will help you improve and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

  • Step 1
    Identify the 5 pillars and what each one means in your life. Learn how each pillar affects your life/happiness (outcome to what people are wanting)
  • Step 2
    Examine each pillar and assess what your life looks like today in each of these areas. What’s going well and what could use your attention? What areas do you hope to grow the most in?
  • Step 3
    Digging Deeper. Now it’s time to look more closely at each pillar and be more intentional and specific at identifying the root causes of why these things aren’t unfolding as you’d hoped. Once we identify the problems, it’ll be easier to identify the solutions and create a path forward.
  • Step 4
    Taking Stock of the Now – What would be your ideal feeling in each of these areas? What do your short and long-term goals look like? What behaviors, beliefs or attitudes are you engaging in that are moving you away from these goals? In this step, we take a moment to find out where you are starting from today.
  • Step 5
    Chart Your Course – It’s time to start the path to having the life of your dreams. In order to do that, you need to have a plan. In this step, we look more closely at each area you want to grow in and create a specific action plan on how to do exactly that

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About Dr. Greg Pursley

Helping you envision and create the life and body you desire!

I got married in 2004. A little over a year later my wife and I welcomed our daughter. 5 months after that I graduated as a Chiropractor and 7 months after that we moved 2 hours south to start a business. In May of 2008, after 1.5 years in business, our son was born with dwarfism, which is very rare. This was unexpected and we were left with more questions than answers. Some of the complications of being born with dwarfism affected his health.

Over the next 12 months he spent a total of 6 months in a hospital 2 hours away from our new home. We were stressed in every aspect of life including mental, physical, emotional, chemical, and financial. My focus shifted from running a business, making money, and supporting a family to keep my son alive and my family together. Exercise, eating properly, and my health in general weren’t things I was concerned about. As a result, my health declined and my weight went up, and up, and up. I noticed changes in my health like a slight wheeze upon any physical exertion, I was coughing more, I had less energy, and it was harder to go to sleep and stay asleep.

I didn’t recognize or even like myself when looking in the mirror. I felt as if I had no choice but to focus on my son and family. The problem is, if I was not taking care of myself I would not be able to take care of my family. One day I recognized this was not heading in a direction I wanted and if it continued I would end up being in a place I did not want to be. At that moment I decided to make a change, but how? What should I do? Where should I start? This is when “Think and Lose Weight” was created. I took everything I knew and had learned in practice and applied it in this program.








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