23-14. 11 Years Podcasting & re-BRANDED.

Sara’s View Of Life with Sara Troy, on air from April 4th

April 4th is my eleventh year in podcasting and I am celebrating it with a re-branding.

Self Discovery Media was named after doing only audios for 6 years, so I thought media would serve the fact I was the fact I was on all these platforms, audio and video. As I have grown (to over 3000 shows) I realize it does not truly represent the true message of this platform and so needed to be changed.

Self Discovery is still in play as we are all on a journey of self discovery in our lives. Who are we, what are we here to do, what am I capable of doing? where, with whom and when ???? So that stays, but media has gone and in its place is WISDOM. Why? because each and everyone of the guests have shared their strengths, wisdom, courage and skills so that we can find our way forward in life in support and community.

So Self Discovery Wisdom it is. I already have a site called Orchard of Wisdom.org, where to find the wisdom ready for picking. There we have our mentors, books, programs and much more to come, where as Self Discovery Wisdom is where we do the podcasts. I had kept saying Self Discovery Wisdom when describing my platform, so I listened, heard and allowed my self to go with what the universe was telling me, “you are speaking to the wisdom of others, so call it Self Discovery Wisdom”.

So on this day April 4th, I celebrate my 11th year in podcasting, and feel an enormous gratitude to all those who have trusted me with their stories and wisdom so we can illuminate, inspire and invite the world to be invigorated in making their own Self Discovery in just how awesome they really are.

I wish to thank all those who have made a difference in my life with your stories and knowledgeable wisdom; you have shared your strength, courage, wisdom and skills so that others may benefit from them, and I am grateful you have done that with me.

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