C23-14. Shahiroz, Thomas & The T.Shop.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Shahiroz Walji, on air from April 4th

The Story of how I met Thomas and what he did for me:

We met at Astral, days after I asked the universe for a new friend that would be fun to be with and take me to the next level in my soul journey… 

I can read a little of the beginning of the book I’m writing …“You’re gonna miss me, when I’m gone

These were words I’d say to Thomas often when he made me feel bad…

he would always respond with “where are you going?”

And I’d say “far away”

Little did I know he’d be going so very far far away from me … 

WTF What just happened …. ( I’m writing this the week after …) after all we had been through together, after all the things we’d done together, all we’d seen, everywhere we had been … all we learned … and shared with each other … and what about all the plans we had made … what about 

SKYRose… and SpiritWell … those lofty dreams, that hadn’t materialized?  We’re we aiming too high?  Did we want greater change in the world then was possible??

And how about All we’d invested of time, energy, and resources … all for nothing … God has to have a plan …

how is this possible???  how is it possible he’s gone???

I met Thomas for the first time at Astral Connections … 

Lois, my business partner said she had met this guy and I’d really like him and she’d asked him to come back later to meet me…he may become a good client…

OMG and then I met him.  I remember that day as if it was yesterday….he was wearing a bright red sweatshirt … and he had such a presence!  Tall in stature! And Those bright blue sparkling eyes, his hair was salt and pepper though he appeared young and vibrant … I knew instantly we had a connection – past life, soul mates, something primordial … I believe he did too … and when he smiled it was as though joy was spreading throughout the universe …

That first day I met him we talked for hours about all kinds of things and he introduced me for the first time to Dr. Gersens The beautiful Truth and Pollyanna.   I still have the yellow post-it note with his writing and the homework he asked me to do … I realize now it’s his way of leaving an opening so he could have another meeting …

It was well past midnight and we had to close shop … so we said goodbye … and I hugged him … As far as hugs go … Thomas gave the best hugs ever …. 

Thomas: eccentric, intelligent, attractive, passionate, friendly and this first meeting left me with a lasting first impression that caused me to crave more … for the first time in a long time I was attracted to someone again … and this someone was WOW!!

I watched him from behind as he walked out the front door, he must have felt my stare … I remember every sense in my being alert after that meeting … wondering when I’ll see him again…

who was this guy and who was he to be in my life, I wondered, I alreAdy knew this wasn’t only a one time meeting!

What happens next…is an amazing, unpredictable journey with someone I met in an instant and gone in an instant …

found and lost and lost and then found … a journey of losing oneself and finding one self began with a friendship …

and you’ll have to wait for the book to be finished to find out…what happened next…

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The Metaphysical Hub is a platform that interviews the metaphysical people of the world. It offers an opportunity to meet and connect with people who wish to raise their vibration and learn everything about the law of attraction and how to manifest. This is a platform for all those practitioners eager to share their life stories, their miraculous experiences, and their teachings with the hope of bringing a positive change in their lives and the lives of others.

Shahiroz Walji is the founder of the Metaphysical Hub and T-Shop.ca, with over a decade of building spiritual communities and connections globally. She leads the community and sales at David Sereda Lightstream Harmonics, where she learned about his invented frequency emitters and is very satisfied with her miraculous experiences and fascinating individuals. 

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