QS23-11. Dr. Margaret Evanow and Who Your Are.

Quantum Spirituality with Sara Troy and her guest Dr Margaret Evanow, on air March 14th

Dr. Evanow brings a new focus to “personal Development” by helping us move past the “physical” reality.  Rather, we are able to access the ultimate reality of the power we all have in our consciousness and our being quantum rather than physical.  When we are able to develop from that reality, our lives take on momentum towards our biggest bestest version of our selves.

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With over 35 years of experience in the fields of mental health, training, and personal development, Dr. Margaret Evanow has come to understand the human condition and what makes transformational growth possible even under difficult life circumstances.  Her love for Humanity and the fascinating science of the fabric of the Universe has led her to a unique hybrid – Quantum Psychology, blending positive psychology, quantum physics, human potential, and the power of the human spirit. Dr. Evanow connects people to their own YouNiversal Pathways of growth, becoming, and believing, and in so doing, invites all of humanity to re-member who and what they are. 

Free Giveaway:

Dr. Margaret Evanow offers a free e-book to help you understand how to access the Quantum Human that lays waiting for you to remember who and what you really are.  We are able to reprogram our very beliefs to transform our reality into a life we would love living.  We are able to access e-motions that can connect us to higher versions of living.  And, we can transform our “physical” body using the power of the quantum within.” 








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