C23-10. Carmel Ecker Everyone has habits and behaviours

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Carmel Ecker, on air from March 7th

Why do people procrastinate or please other people to their own detriment? What is it that makes some people feel the need to control everything or become so focused on winning that their relationships deteriorate?

Everyone has habits and behaviours that help us in some ways but cause problems in other ways. They are coping mechanisms we’ve developed in life that once helped us but have become an overused default that can negatively impact our success, our happiness and our relationships.

The good news is that changing these behaviours is simple. The key is to build 3 core mental muscles.

Just like exercising a physical muscle would make it stronger, exercising these 3 mental muscles helps you to overpower old, unhelpful habits and create powerful new ones. The result is called Mental Fitness.

In this episode, Life Coach Carmel Ecker will share the practical lessons from research that combines the fields of Positive Psychology, Performance Science, Neuroscience and Cognitive Behavioural Psychology with independent research by Executive Coach, Stanford lecturer and Author Shirzad Chamine, creator of the Positive Intelligence program Carmel uses in her coaching practice.

You’ll walk away with new insights into why you sometimes make unhelpful choices and how you can effectively change them with a simple daily practice.

Carmel is a life coach who focuses on helping you tame your mental gremlins. 

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She’s on a mission to help you untether yourself from all the “shoulds” and “can’ts” that have been holding you back. 

She knows what it’s like. For too many years, she believed she was meant for something big but every time an opportunity to shine came along, she hid. She made “safe” choices. And she failed spectacularly at living the life she didn’t really want in the first place.

By age 35, she was a divorced single parent working a job that no longer interested her. And she wondered what the heck she was supposed to do. The more she developed as a person, the more she realized the supposedly safe path she had chosen was never the one she was meant to follow. 

When she finally got tired of hearing her own complaining, she hired a coach and started taking full responsibility for the results in her life. That coach guided her from being a burned out, exhausted and bored 9-5 employee to launching her own business and dramatically improving her quality of life.

Now, as a mental fitness and life coach, she helps others change the unhelpful stories in their minds so they can perform better, feel happier and improve their relationships.






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