YH23-9. Brad Williams, Over 40 Fitness Hacks. 

Your Health is Your Choice with Sara Troy and her guest Brad Williams, on air from February 28th


Personal Trainer for 13 years helping the over 40 crowd stay fit.  Between turning 40 myself now and recovering from a horrible back injury has left me with a new mindful perspective on training and health in general.  My mission is to better serve those who are over 40.  I have several different Hacks that help with this.

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Over the last decade, Brad owned and operated three gym locations in Orange County, and oversaw 40+ independent personal trainers each with their unique training styles. He built a loyal following and sought-after client/trainer community culture within each of his gym locations.

Post COVID, Brad had to focus more on online training and had started his first fitness podcast called Over 40 Fitness Hacks. He wanted the show to revolve around his passion of helping the over 40 crowd fight the aging process, while still having a social life.

Brad Williams


Over 40 Fitness Hacks Podcast


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