23-9. Take Care of Yourself

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from February 28th

We are all in a hurry to get things done, we have intentions, agendas and we want to meet them, but it does not always go as planned. I was looking after my Grandson, then going to look after my sons house and pups and cat, while he was away. I got to see some friends, help out a bit at his restaurant, and I was meant to finish editing my memoir finally.

Well, I saw friends, walked pups, had time with my oldest daughter, then…. the internet did not work,( I needed that to finish the editing) and I got sick. I crawled through the days walking pups, seeing people, but was in bed by 4pm, flattened. A most peculiar virus, no cold, hit my chest so hacking away, no shivers, but sweeting lots, and body ache like none other, and yes, flattened.

We are in a time when nothing is normal, no colds, flu, or viruses. So we need to pay attention to our minds, and body’s when they are feeling over wart. We can not push ourselves, or ignore the signs like we used to. It is time for the stich in time, and take care of ourselves all the time.

So make sure you have that daily time to look after you, that lump of time to nurture you, time to decompress, time to stretch, time to relax. You are with you all the time, so make sure you are aiding you and your wellbeingness, and your mind body spirit and soul, will be there for you.

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