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LM23-06. Robert Alexander on Music Made for You.

“for the LOVE of Music” with Sara Troy and her guest Robert Alexander, on air from February 7th

Many people underestimate the power of music – both at home and the workplace. Many are experiencing a variety of feelings, emotions and other experiences that may distract them from fully living in ones true place – from the heart. This also takes place in the workplace as well. Owning exclusive and personalized music for the workplace can make a world of difference – for projects, ambient music and so much more. Music and creativity has a space in ones personal and professional spaces. The impact is long lasting. Robert Alexander has two businesses that help others in both spaces so he can help businesses and individuals create solutions that will be long-lasting for the better.

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Robert Alexander is an Audio Alchemist located in Southern CA. With his LifeRhythms business, he offers healing work via private sessions and designs unique personalized pieces of music to help his clients find healing away from the work that they do with him. Alongside his LifeRhythms business, Robert has a label signed music project called Evlov. His music can be found on various platforms online. Robert is also the creator and host of LifeRhythms Radio, an online Radio show made to help you find relatable content that can help you create more of what you desire in your life!   

My mission is to offer amazing products and services to businesses and individuals who will greatly benefit from my offerings. I have the ability to help others in a variety of ways that will help you in your personal and professional life – all in a way that works best for you (with flexibility and cost-effectiveness too)!

I offer private healing sessions, personalized healing music, digital soundbath experiences, unique and inclusive events and downloadable healing products.

My content creation business offers graphic design, sound design, voiceover work and many other unique offerings that are tailored for my business clients.

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