IG23-06. Gavin Fraye and the “REAL YOU”

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest Gavin Fraye, on air from February 7th

“Authenticity, intimacy and leadership are powerful forces individually—and their power increases exponentially when they are intertwined. Authenticity involves residing deeply in your most essential self, intimacy involves sharing this deeper self in a transparent way, and leadership activates our spiritual gifts and vision in service to others.”

This groundbreaking exploration of the Authentic Self flows from my 40 years experience as a licensed spiritual therapist and leadership mentor to entrepreneurs. The Real You is a comprehensive work that illuminates and makes accessible the universal path of the Authentic Self.

Each and every person living on the planet has a unique and natural Authentic Self—an eternal presence—that longs to be known, breathed into and lived from. This core of our nature is characterized by love, wisdom and compassion. The Real You is about reconnecting with this dynamic inner presence and following its lead to transform every aspect of your life.

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My book incorporates an in-depth understanding of trauma through the prism of the false self, and makes the bold claim that one can find joy and fulfillment by embracing and transcending the false self. This path of inner work is also immensely relevant on a macro level, for as we own our Soul’s curriculum we are empowered to solve the major challenges unfolding in the world around us.

The Real You interlaces an intimate autobiographical narrative throughout to illustrate the underlying principles and exercises found within each chapter. With a convicted murderer and white supremacist gang leader in my own family, my tragic and triumphant life story is front and center with raw vulnerability.

Think of The Real You as a personalized owner’s manual for your Soul. An ideal companion for anyone on a therapeutic or coaching journey, it’s also an in-depth and accessible resource for practitioners desiring to integrate spirituality into their work with clients.

The Real You, in paperback and Kindle, is now available for preorder through Amazon using the link below. The Real You audiobook will be available now.

After decades of wide-ranging professional experience, along with navigating my own challenging and blessed life journey, I’ve come to some core understandings about who we are as human beings and the process of mentoring personal transformation. Here’s what I’ve discovered:

  • Each of us has a unique and natural Authentic Self, an eternal presence that longs to be known, breathed into, and lived from.
  • Difficult and painful transitions in life are one of the ways our Authentic Self has of gaining our attention and inviting us into powerful seasons of change and new direction.
  • We each carry a unique constellation of dreams we’re designed to manifest in this lifetime.
  • Self-compassion is intimately related to sourcing our creativity. We can embrace vulnerability as not a weakness, but an ally.

My professional background and experience:

  • A licensed marriage and family psychotherapist since 1983 with a wealth of experience facilitating transformational work with individuals, couples and entrepreneurial leaders. My specialty is supporting people in the midst of fertile life transition
  • Serving on faculty for 16 years at the University of Santa Monica in California from 1987-2002, co-facilitating the pioneering Masters Degree program in Spiritual Psychology
  • Designing and facilitating a wide range of transformational workshops, including:
    • Soul-Centered Leadership, a 6-month mentoring + mastermind program for progressive entrepreneurs
    • Authentic Self Leadership: Birthing the Next Season of Your Life’s Expression (11 months)
    • Soul-Centered Parenting: Guiding Your Family from the Wisdom of the Heart (12 weeks)
    • Turning Point: Discovering & Creating Your Life’s Work (4 days)

After spending the majority of my years in Southern California and raising three beautiful children, I’m blessed to have relocated to the Pacific Northwest. I now live in a beautiful waterfront home on Lake Stevens, 30 miles north of Seattle.

I am continually immersed in discovering new psychological and spiritual modalities that support me in evolving to new levels of healing and awakening. I have many passions, including: cherishing international travel, enjoying peaceful kayak outings on alpine lakes, and daily partaking of the healing presence and beauty of nature in all its forms.






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