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C23-06. Isabel Hundt and New Earth Co-Creators.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Isabel Hundt, on air from February 7th

Many of us have been part of gifting communities for many years. Those years have been, without a doubt, incredible learning opportunities for all of us.

Besides those incredible experiences, we still held onto the old way we related to money. We even struggled with letting go of our need to control the outcome of what we initially gave our yes to when we joined those communities. Many learned that our financial lack and controlling habits are rooted in the lack of trust in ourselves and each other.

As a society, we are constantly questioning someone’s intentions and integrity. We’ve been spoon-fed an agenda that indoctrinates a distrust in our neighbors and even our friends. We have been influenced for thousands of years by unquestioned generational conditions, social expectations, and outdated agreements about trust, integrity, responsibility, and money that do not align with our souls.

After a few years of wondering why something as profoundly beautiful as gifting becomes so challenging over time, we came together and dug deep for answers.
We concluded that trust, or the lack thereof, destroys communities. Most people don’t even know what it feels like to trust or to be trusted. How can we co-create something new when most people subconsciously expect the destruction of something that seems too good to be true? Self-fulfilling prophecies are a powerful way to appease our egoic self and avoid all shifting into the unknown, which would require a great deal of trust in our abilities and the community we find ourselves in

This is where New Earth Co-Creators was established.

Together, we support each other’s dreams, collaborate on new projects, support each other’s healing journey, learn from each other in the playground of life, go on adventures, establish financial abundance, and change the world for the better.

Together we rise!

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Isabel Hundt is a visionary and catalyst for global change through her work as Sociologist, Multi-award Winning Film Producer of the film “The Power of Connection” (, successful Inspirational Speaker, Author of her book “The Power of Faith-Driven Success”, Healer (using a combination of intuitive healing, theta healing, emotion’s clearing) and Thought Leader.

For more than a decade, Isabel has studied various facets of human connection and explored the emotions and conflicting messages that come with labels, unconscious bias, social programming, and false identities. Due to her unique gift of synesthesia, which allows her to see everything in color, Isabel sees the world as a beautiful dance that evokes compassion and sincere love for humanity. Her focus is on shattering cultural barriers and engaging in cultural transformation globally through aspects of emotional and self-awareness and through supporting the individual in healing trauma, releasing old beliefs and programming.

Isabel is dedicating her time to co-create a new earth with many like-hearted individuals to create a better future for ourselves and for generations to come.


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