RGC23-05. Norma Jean Maxwell, Help Your Child to Flourish.

Raising Our Gifted Children with Sara troy and her guest Norma Jean Maxwell, on air from January 31st

After working in the public school system over the last 2 decades, I watched the slow decline and clawing back of resources for those kids that don’t learn well in a classroom setting.  I watched the schools fade out and move away from teaching basic foundation literacy and math skills into a more politicized agenda and I watched more and more bright children fall through the cracks – getting to high school, still unable to read and do basic math.

It’s heartbreaking to me when I see a child, who could be very successful, fail to fulfill their potential because they are not being taught in a way that makes sense to them.  After many years of successfully supporting and teaching these kids and being unable to find a program that incorporates all the components needed for early literacy, I decided to create  my own based on my training and many years of successes with children.

Every child can learn and if they aren’t, we need to look to the teacher to find out why not!

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I am the MOM of two grown young men who both had learning challenges and struggled in the current school system.  They were the square pegs that didn’t quite fit in the round holes.  I also have a brother who has dyslexia and I saw how his negative school experience left lasting scars (additions, being the tough guy to compensate for feeling stupid).

I worked in the Surrey public school system for 18 years in special Ed, until I retired a couple years ago… mostly out of frustration over the current system’s failures

I am a trained Orton Gillingham Therapeutic Tutor which means I am a reading & spelling specialist and I’m a Behaviour Interventionist with extension experience working with kids on the spectrum.  

And after watching my own kids’ struggles and also seeing all the kids, bright kids, that are falling through the cracks because they are not getting the support they need and deserve, I developed my own teaching model based on my Orton Gillingham training and my personal experience.  It is a multi-sensory, fun & playful approach that works for all kids and keeps them engaged

I have a lot of success stories under my belt and it’s because I’ve seen how effective my methods are that I created Time to Shine Teaching, the training and the resources that will help best support a child’s learning.

I have watched with amazement as a child flourishes with the right instruction and support… I have lots of stories…

I also strongly disagreed with the CV protocols that the schools implemented and I think we won’t know all the lasting implications for many years…  teachers and kids wearing masks limited the children’s exposure to proper language and social/emotional development.  I also think we instilled too  much fear in our children (of others, of themselves…)

My avatar is really homeschool parents (and public school parents) who recognize that the school system is failing our kids and who are looking for a better way to teach their children.

FREE GIVEAWAY: Landing page for free Letter pack #1

I am creating my Time to Shine Level I Phonics course.  It is a very comprehensive course that provides everything a teacher/parent would need to teach reading, spelling & printing.  Not only is it scripted to support the educator/parent while they learn the system, but it also includes a video tutorial that show exactly how to conduct the lesson for each letter.  This letter pack includes all the downloadable materials & videos needed to teach the first 5 letters I teach.  Note:  I do not teach in alphabetical but rather in an order that allows the child to start reading, spelling and printing in 2-3 letters!









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