QS23-04. Adrian Armstrong (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields)

Quantum Spirituality with Sara Troy and her guest Adrian Armstrong, on air from January 24th

The Miraculous Benefits of PEMF Therapy (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields) and why they are essential to health and longevity. Everything is Energy and PEMF works as a whole body battery recharger to charge up your cellular batteries and create resonance in every cell to Earth based natural frequencies giving you a quick dose of what we should be getting from Nature.

In my late 20’s I sustained a serious back injury that was incapacitating, and left me unable to work or enjoy life at all. I spent 10 years searching for an effective solution for my back pain, and after trying a variety of treatments and bodywork, both traditional and alternative, I began to study Tai Chi. 

Realizing that Tai Chi and aligning the brain hemispheres were the answer for my crippling back problems, I began to learn all I could about health science, effective nutritional supplementation, body alignment, and the philosophy and practice of  the martial art, Tai Chi. 

The difference these health and wellness practices made to my life was so profound, that I decided to dedicate myself to helping others, through being a health coach, teaching Tai Chi and Chi-Gong, doing alignments and professional massage and educating people about effective nutritional supplementation and online marketing.

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It was also around this time that my family members began to succumb to Cancer. First my Dad, then my Mom, and finally my 52 year old sister.

I delved deeper into studying disease conditions and causes and possible treatments.

In August of 2015 after a car accident and shoulder injury I discovered PEMF Therapy Mats and started using one for myself and with all my massage clients.

The results that I felt and that I witnessed in others were so remarkable that educating people on the benefits of using PEMF became my main passion.

In over 35 years of helping people with their health issues I had never seen anything that consistently got amazing results for everyone that used it regularly.

There is truly nothing I could do for your life that would bless it more than to help you include daily PEMF Therapy into your world.

I’ve now helped hundreds of people on their journey to amazing health benefits and for many increased wealth and lifestyle freedom as well.






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