IG23-04. Deanna Hann Igniting my Goddess Compass

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest Deanna Hann, on air from January 24th



My mission is to spread more happiness in the world. I discovered my inner compass which transformed to my goddess compass that guided me to heal myself. I take no medications and somehow meditation and my inner journey became my 365 day vacation every day. I became empowered to guide people to discover their power and believe in a self healing journey. I am a teacher with my masters in teaching and learning and a graduate in transformational coaching with the founders Tony Robbins and Jayne Jewell. My journey is about believing in miracles and my discovery of them happening. 

SHOW Goddess Compass guides me to transform my life, believe in miracles and co- create them daily with a fresh start each day. My mind set is mapped out through my heart that connects me to the earth. I realize the word earth and heart have the same letters. This awareness that what’s in my heart guides me to the earth and the whole universe created my happiness journey. It made me go through life and only look back in gratitude. It’s this transformation that allowed me to heal and move forward. Move forward with my compass to lead me away from the darkness in my past path and guided me to a bright light that energized and uplifted me. My mission became to pay it forward to stop the suffering and my power of intention is to get everyone to vibrate at a higher level energetically to create a better happy world one healed heart at a time. 

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Deanna Hann is the founder of a navigational program -The Goddess Compass. The program’s adventurous and inspirational journey in the Amazon jungle was her healing transformation. The Compass guided her to let go of her past and become who she was truly meant to be. A compass is a powerful tool that she shares open-heartedly with all, especially with one who struggles with depression, pain, suffering, or lack of confidence. She has spoken to over 400000 women internationally to impact their lives in their quest for happiness. 

She has been on a many Podcasts sharing her story of faith and is also an executive member of the Positive Thinkers, A Club 33 years strong. Deanna is the author of The Goddess Compass: her transformational journey from darkness to light. Her programs include The Cultivating Compassion Course, Marry Yourself First, and The Art and Heartful Living of a Goddess.

She naturally inspires others to a self-compassionate journey where she supports you abundantly to let you raise your sails in faith, and your heart becomes your Compass fearlessly. We will sail on this journey together no matter how stormy, so you will never lose sight of the shore- the sure of who you are truly meant to be. As a Happy for No Reason® certified trainer, Deanna loves spreading the happy message. Let’s raise our sails together and navigate to your heart, so you are unquestionably on Destination Pleasure. Hopefully, you can feel the engine’s vibration waiting for you.

Deanna is giving 45 minutes of her heart time to those that sign up for a call from this show. Please put in my name Sara Troy or Self Discovery Media. to get the 45 mis.








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