23-04. Age Well not Age Resistance.

Sara’s View Of Life with Sara Troy, on air January 24th

Aging well and allowing ourselves to age is the key here. Hanging on our past age and trying to look the same and behave the same as back then means you are not allowing yourself to be who you are now. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for looking the best we can with help from creams, etc., but not Botox or cosmetic surgery to look young again because you do not like aging.

Aging is a gift in many ways; we acquire wisdom, knowledge, insight, patience, the value of life itself, and respect for ourselves and others for what we have weathered over time. Only age can give us that, and only age can help us understand the true value of life. When we are young, in our 20-30s, we think we are unstoppable and unbeatable and that you will never age like our parents. As we age we learn a lot more about life, its ups and downs and just what we can cope with.

Seeing someone trying to hold on to their youth by turning the clock back or just refusing to move forward and age gracefully is sad; for not embracing your every day and taking the ride of life, you are missing out on so much. Do you know how courageous and strong you are? Do you know how resilient you are? Do you know how capable you are? You only find out by taking life’s journey while aging.

I have been creaming my skin since I was 12 years old, because I have dry skin, but moisturizing and eating a healthy diet and keeping your stress level down with meditation and or exercise, will keep you young looking and feeling young too. Your look on life as a half full or half empty attitude will be the experience you get out of life. We all get hard knocks, trip ups, downright cosmic 2 by 4’s, but if we approach life with joy and a joyful attitude, we can weather anything.

So yes, take care of your self, age well, with good health, mind wealth, and a soul and heart full of wonderment and possibilities, and those years won’t be so daunting or prepressing, and you will not be escaping back in time to when you were young nd the glory days, but enjoying life in all you are now and your life’s abundant experiences.

Age is just a number, a good attitude is a choice, fearing age is insecurity, and defining ages does and don’ts means your living life to the fullest right up to the end. ENJOY IT, LIVE IT, TAKE CARE OF YOUR WHOLE SELF AND LET LIFE SHOW YOU HAW WONDERFUL IT CAN BE EVEN WHILE AGING.

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