C23-01. .Annabel Quintero, “Cultural Wellness Coach”

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Annabel Quintero, on air from January 3rd

Her best-selling book Step Step Jump, is a story of hope dedicated to helping others transform trauma to triumph. Her life was irrevocably altered on September 11th, 2001 when she narrowly escaped from the 46th floor of the One World Trade Center during the deadliest terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

September 11th was the tragedy that changed a nation. For Annabel Quintero, a survivor who escaped from the 46th floor of Tower 1, it was the trauma that sparked a lifelong journey of cultural reckoning, identity exploration, and spiritual evolution. 

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As the founder of her personal development & collective wellness company. She is devoted to redefining cultural wellness through workshops that go beyond physical appearance, but actually honor our whole selves by using different ancient cultural lenses. As a result of her speaking and workshops, she helps leaders and coaches embrace a holistic approach to wellness resulting in sustainable lifestyle changes. Annabel partners with coaches & leaders to understand the financial, political and spiritual history that informs our present moment. And how cultural dominance is discreetly perpetuated in the wellness industry and in society. 

Annabel Quintero is a lover of life, a best-selling author of a unique story with improbable twists and turns, and an inspiration to people pursuing excellence amidst adversity, economic uncertainty, and relentless change. In a career that encompasses professional modeling, dancing, corporate marketing, educational policymaking, and a political campaign for a State Senate seat, she has demonstrated extraordinary resilience that has come to shape her worldview and defines her leadership style.

Throughout her life, Annabel has cultivated strong healing powers from her ancestors. The daughter of immigrant Ecuadorian parents, a native of Seattle, a woman of uncompromising compassion and faith, she has consistently found her strength in an overwhelming challenge. Hers is a moving narrative, pooled from childhood experience, and a personal journey that has enabled her to find purpose and positively impact people’s lives as a parent, business leader, educator, entrepreneur, and public servant.

She has a free Wellness Journal to offer your listeners, and here is a link to her website.







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