BB22.52. Anish Majumdar, are you a WAGE-SLAVE?

Building Your Business with Sara Troy and her guest Anish Majumdar, on air from December 20th

My why is to free as many deserving people from the quiet hell known as “finding a job” for the rest of their lives. It doesn’t matter what your current job is, or how much you make, or what company you work for: if I took away your job today and you are unable to quickly find something better ON YOUR TERMS…you are not free. You’re just a paid wage slave. And this goes on all the way to the top. 

This is personal for me because years before I became a career coach, i was hustling for my own abundance (and that of my family). And I saw firsthand that what you accomplish or achieve makes LITTLE TO NO difference if the only way for you to get paid is to impress a fear-based recruiter or gatekeeper. 

There is a COMPLETELY different way to do all of this which we were never taught about. 

And once you learn it, you will have the power to stand on your own two feet, write your own professional destiny, and take intelligent risks without fearing the judgment of those who simply do not get you.

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We are 12 years into this mission and have taught our Linked Hired System to over 2,000 people. The goal is to change 10K lives in this way, as mine was once changed. 

Anish Majumdar is a Career Coach and expert in the Hidden Job Market. Over the past 12 years, he has helped thousands of professionals around the world take the reins of their professional destiny and break free of the necessity of “job searching”- permanently. His webinars, videos and articles have appeared in Fast Company, Business Insider, Glassdoor, and Ivy Exec. He lives with his wife and three children in Rochester, NY.


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