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TSM22-49. Rough Seas Safe Harbour-Allan Roberts

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Allan Roberts, on air from November 29th

Allan Never worked at school and left at 15 with no qualifications. He was Sent to Radio school but dropped out. 

At 17 I had a major mindset shift, and was Top of my City and Guilds course. 

He joined army and was a top student, and excelled, and it earned him a luxury posting, with responsibility, and promotion. 

Continued with the new mindset for next 60 years so very successful career. 

He married but didn’t recognise her mental issues, and their lost luxury home, business, and eventually was deliberately put £200,000 in debt. 

Bank ran PPI scam and he lost finally his home, and was still equivalent to $200,000 in debt, homeless, living on the streets, no money for food, and lost over 70lbs in weight, he was a body builder to skeleton in 5 months, living of tea only.

Rehoused by housing association, and driving and a job, he created a 8-year plan to clear debt and make my fortune. 

He started a Business coaching, bought more courses to advance his business, and got top of the range Ford Ranger so I have good quality , reliable transport.  

Five-year point completely clear of all debt. 

That period of starvation had destroyed his stomach so for 5 years he hadn’t eaten properly, he was rushed into hospital for laparotomy, and work stopped for three months. 

Thirteen years ago, in less than 20 minutes while recovering from the laparotomy, I go from driving my car, to complete blindness and enter that frightening and solitary world, of darkness and isolation. 

My coaching practice crashes. 

However, with my mindset, it is only a change of direction.  

I have a new world to explore, thrilling new concepts to experience, exciting new challenges to discover. 


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What have I done since losing my eyesight in 2009? 

1.    Worcester Association of Carers, I contact and support Carers every week for over 12 years as a volunteer. 

2.    Public speaking to raise money and awareness for RNIB Talking Books  

3.    Join Probus (PRO – Professional, BUS – Business) now in my twelfth year (Made vice chairman last year, now chairman) 

4.    Elected a town councillor, the council rep for Age UK., and eventually Trustee at Age UK. 

5.    Join U3A and the local history group 

6.    Join Toastmasters – five years 

7.    Introduced and taught Public Speaking to the local high school – annual event now run by toastmasters 

8.    Invited to be the Keynote speaker at a Support Workers Conference. Receive standing ovation and many messages. 

9.    Saltars investment club. (ten years, just resigned) 

10.  Volunteer a day each week at a Museum of Ancient Buildings talking and presenting to visitors. – 5 years. 

11.  Sight Concern Worcester – Cookery course, Woodworking course, Computer course. – learnt to touch type and software for the blind so I could return to my computer. 

12.  Published – Three books, a personal development book, and two novels. Not good, but I did them for personal achievement. 

13.  Contributed to ‘My Creative Thoughts’, No1 Canada America, UK, Australia. 

Surgery on both eyes returns very basic vision, enough to get me around. 

14.  With extra-large font on my computer, just able to physically read my personal development book. I find many mistakes, correct, expand, and republish 2019. 

15.  Have one of my novels republished 2021. 

16.  Co-Authored – The Transformation Within, released last week. 

I have five more books in progress. (Mindset, Business, Life Story, Public Speaking, Short stories) 

17.  SOBBs – Save our brine baths campaign. 

18.  Become trustee for a rundown Community Centre. 

19.  Hear about Mentor Link, train and start mentoring school children that have fallen behind due to bullying or abuse. 

20.  Despite being disabled and limited sight, have sponsored training at the gym for 9 months to cycle Lands’ End to John O’Groats (Around 1000 miles avoiding the dangerous roads) to raise money for the charities where I am a volunteer. Unfortunately, cancelled two weeks before riding due to lockdown, but may get going again in 2023. 

21.  Co-host support Zoom – relationships, counselling, finance, mindset. for  2 years now

22.  Completed a twelve-month public speaking course with one of UK’s public speaker trainers 

23.  Completed two, 12-month Mindset courses 

24.  Completed TEDx training but no location to give talk yet. 

25.  Completed two more public speaking courses 

26.  Created Debt Management Course 

27.  Grand Connection Mastermind Group 

28.  My original Mindset shift was as I approached my seventeenth birthday, last June I turned seventy-seven, that is sixty years I have been building and developing my mindset. 

Working on a Mindset Membership Programme. “Sixty Layers of Mindset, Developed Across Sixty Years of Experience.” 

29. I talk about collaboration 

30.  I have been asked to create Mindset programme suitable for older children at school. 

31.  Presently mentoring a girl in Uganda, teaching her learning techniques to help her through University. 

32.  Working with Pat Little, ( Sara has just interviewed Pat ) on constructing her speech. 

I am no longer a town councillor and stepped down from being an Age UK trustee when they merged with another Age UK branch. 

I am no longer in Toastmasters or volunteer at the Museum of Ancient Buildings. 

That is a summary of what I have achieved since losing my eyesight thirteen years ago. 

I am constantly on courses and have achieved at least one course every year but averaged 4 or 5 for sixty years. 


Allan Roberts is on a mission to transform vulnerable students into high achievers with a secondary passion for supporting men facing retirement. As a business coach, inspirational speaker, and mentor Allan supports this current and next generation of men to succeed. His own seventy-seven-year life journey would have been smoother with the benefit of such a mentor. 

Allan shares his tales from the trenches—from his troubled youth in Preston, Lancashire, to a disastrous marriage resulting in debt and homelessness and on to the loss of his sight. The development of his mindset enabled Allan to overcome these traumatic challenges. His continued interest in mindset guaranteed a successful career in electromechanical engineering, sales, and coaching, both in the army and in civilian life. He is the author of Wake Up, Don’t Let the World Pass You By, The Great Bank Heist Mystery, Mountains, and Rivers, Wake up, Live the Life You Love, the Power of Team, and My Creative Thoughts. 

Continuing to venture from his comfort zone, Allan refuses to give up, renewing his zest for life taking on new challenges as town councillor, a trustee for Age UK. a community centre, a Toastmaster, the chair of a Probus group, and introducing Public Speaking to local high school students. 




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