YH22-47. Pat Little, Because I Mattered

Your Health is your Choice with Sara Troy and her guest Pat Little, on air from November 15th

My life has been quite the journey. I was a Realtor for 24 years in Vancouver. I was not really happy with it. So I really believe that is why I got breast cancer. I could not work as I was having treatments . If your not selling equals no income. Time went by and I ran out of money so I got evicted from where I lived for 9 years. Prices went sky-high in real estate and of course so did rent I tried staying at my daughter’s but she got a letter that if I was there with my 2 dogs she would be evicted. I will not part with my dogs so what I did was set up my car to sleep in with my 2 dogs. After awhile I started staying with friends. I meet this gentleman that told me there was a health company opening in Canada soon, so I took a look a ABC prime time video and was really impressed. When it opened I became a distributor and that was 8 1/2 years ago. This totally changed my life with my health and financial well-being. I am so grateful and my purpose and mission is to educate people in what this is all about.

I have been really down and I can really understand from my own experience.

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