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10 Minutes Pearls of Wisdom-WORDS

Our Pearls of wisdom today is on the Energy of Words, with Sara Troy

Words can hurt, they can uplift, they can damn, and they can liberate; using the right words in the right tone, with honest intent, can have an impact that can be very profound.

Words not only have meaning, but they also have energy, and spoken in the wrong tone or pausing in the wrong space can misconstrue the meaning of the words.

Breathe for you speak

This allows you a pause before speaking, allowing your consciousness to choose the words carefully.

Could you speak in a rhythm you want your audience to receive?

Being rhythmical with your words sets the stage for how they will be received.

Speak from the heart, not just the head.

This will allow you to speak in a way that is felt, not just heard.

Mean and own what you are saying.

It is tough to take your words back, so own what you say and speak with direction and always integrity.

You will be remembered for what you say, so choose your words carefully.

Taking a moment to gather your thoughts before speaking can prevent the wrong words from coming out.

Reaction speak is dangerous.

I would say that speaking in reaction before taking that breath and digesting a response before replying is essential to using the right words for the occasion.

Could you speak to the audience in front of you?

Sometimes you must adjust your vocabulary to your audience, use words they are comfortably identified with, and do not lord your words over them. We each have a crucial personality trait from which we hear what is being said to us; some of it is visual so speak in visible words. Some auditory speak in sounds, and some detailed, speak in detail. Some actions express in words that invite action. Communication is a two-way street; one must always talk to seek interactionally. True Colours Program 

Broadening your vocabulary invites listeners.

When you use words with a broader meaning or sound and depth, it invites the listener to think deeper and reply more collaboratively.

Diction, speaking clearly for slurred words, can cause misunderstanding and be perceived as lazy.

There are so many different accents, especially in the English language, which has become lazy in speech. Honour the words by speaking clearly; this will invite your listener to truly understand you and know you’re not lazy.

Words can say so much, spoken right, but also talk with your body and eyes.

Your eyes and body posture speak volumes; please look at the person you’re speaking with and make sure your body posture is saying the same thing. Slouching can say that you’re just not into the conversation, and your unwillingness to look into the eyes of another can say you have something to hide or that you do not believe in what you are saying. Arms crossed can mean they are being defensive.

The attitude in your tone and presentation.

Attitude is critical in speaking, and solid belief in what you are saying is essential, but be mindful of coming off as self-important; it is easy to step into.

The best compliment is when people use your positive words in their own lingo, which means it has meant something to them. We must own our words in their intent, but we do not own them completely.

So don’t be afraid of words, a word or two, a whole sentence, an entire speech, and interaction; terms define how we feel, what we wish to reveal, and what we want to invite. Enjoy the beauty of words and remember to speak from integrity, from your heart, and without malice, but with a desire to bring enlightenment and openness in which to inspire and invite.

By Sara Troy of

Self Discovery Media

Orchard of Wisdom

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