22-45. One is in the Whole of the Masses

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from November 1st

If we do not take care of the one, then the masses suffer, for we are all one of the masses.

So many speak of the one not mattering against the collective, but is one not part of that collective? The collective is made up of one by one. My analogy is this, we are all in discovery of our instrument, which one to learn to play, how to play it, and then which orchestra to join, where as a collective of strong individuals, we can play together harmoniously.

How can we support the collective if we are selves are not in tune, on the other hand, how can the collective help us get in tuned? I believe by inspiration for it begets invitation for us to try and embrace our own gifts and possibilities ourselves.

The One, ourselves, individuals, solo, can find our own instrument and discover why we need to play it in a certain way. Whom to play it for, because when we do, we not only become the instrument but in our presence, we exude the love of self and all we are out to all who need our essence.

What we feed grows, so when we are the love we feel within, we feed the loving kindness that we all need to grow into that harmony of peace and love. So choose carefully what you want to feed, hate, fear, division, leads down a path of destruction, were as kindness, caring, respect, consideration, understanding, listening and loving, shows us as a light and harmony from the ONE’S to us all to unit as a collective.

We the One’s together as a whole, can build a collection of high wise energy souls that resonate out the kind, caring, healing, considerate, combining energetic love vibration that we all need as a living force.

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As a ONE, I am, you are, a part of the love we all need.


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