C22-44.Yoichi Utebi & The Divine Protector.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Yochi Utebi, on air from October 25th

Polish your mind to repel the negative influence of ill wishes 

The Divine Protector – Master Salt Begins 

Yoichi Utebi, Producer on The Divine Protector: Master Salt Begins and Happy Science lecturer

For most of us, the word ‘curse’ brings fantastical images of black magic, witches’ cauldrons, and a little “eye of newt and toe of frog” to mind, especially as the Halloween season rolls around. But though we may be tempted to believe they are merely fantasy, curses can, in fact, be a very real manifestation of negative thoughts. 

Knowing that our thoughts shape our reality, most of us have focused on using the power of positive thinking and acts of love, to try and create harmony, happiness, and success in our lives. However, we cannot ignore the existence of the negative alongside the positive in this world. If we are not mindful of our negative thinking, what Buddhist teachings call the “Poisons of the Mind,” we stand the chance of allowing those thoughts to grow strong enough to actualize harm on ourselves or others. Yes, there is power in positive thinking, but there is equal and opposite power in negative thinking.

  • What are curses and how are they manifested?
  • What are the Three Poisons of the Mind?
    • Greed
    • Anger
    • Ignorance
  • Jealousy is the most common source of curses. Why is that? 
  • Our thoughts can create curses, but they can also attract them. How is that?
  • How can we repel curse?
  • What does it mean to “Polish the Mind,” and how does a pure, clean mind repel curses?
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Yoichi Utebi is a producer and world lecturer for Happy Science. Born in Japan in 1968, Utebi grew up in Beirut, Lebanon and New York City. Raised in a rare Japanese Christian family, he was deeply touched by Muslim culture and the beauty of Lebanon during his formative years in Beirut. However, the Middle East also exposed Utebi to the horrors of war, as he and his family dodged bullets and bombings before fleeing to London and back to Japan, leaving everything behind in a sudden evacuation.  In the 7th grade, Utebi moved to New York for 10 years, where he was exposed to friends from multiple cultures and ethnicities. His rock band produced a popular album and gained quite a following in the city before Utebi decided to forego his musical pursuits and return to Japan. 

After 12 years of experience in marketing and senior management at various American IT companies in Japan, Utebi joined Happy Science in 2010, where he quickly rose to Director of International Communications. Utebi is currently a minister and world lecturer for Happy Science’s and a producer on The Divine Protector – Master Salt Begins.

About The Divine Protector – Master Salt Begins:

The Divine Protector – Master Salt Begins is a new film from Japan about three young high school students who summon the Divine Protectress, Master Salt, to repel the curses plaguing their friends and acquaintances. 

The Divine Protector – Master Salt Begins will be released in limited theatres in North America from October 21, followed by release on VOD and DVD.

For more information, visit


Limited theatrical release beginning Oct. 21, 2022 in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, Tampa, Honolulu, San Diego, San Antonio, Denver, and Orange County, CA, as well as in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada.








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