SDM22-43. Tara Arnold on Trance Channeling

Self Discovery Mediums with Sara Troy and her guest Tara Arnold, on air from October 18th

It is about conscious / trance channeling and how everyone has the ability to channel. I am here to empower others to activate their own intuitive abilities. I channel the Ascended Masters as they teach others how to channel their own truth; so that they no longer need search outside of themselves to find answers. 

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Tara Arnold is an Intuitive Artist and Conscious / Trance Channel Medium. As a Medium she channels messages of universal knowledge and divine healing energy. As an artist, Tara channels this energy into her artwork. Tara works with the Ascended Masters and consciously / trance channels universal messages of love and guidance from Ascended Master St.Germain. As an empathic child, Tara received messages and guidance from spiritual guides and in her twenties was drawn towards a career in healing. She became a registered nurse and spent 12 years nursing before going back to school and becoming a natural therapist. While Tara was taking energy healing courses all her intuitive abilities began opening up and she started sharing messages from spirit to her clients during her healing sessions. She enjoyed consciously channeling messages and this led her on her path to trance channeling, where she could access messages more quickly and precisely.


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