BB22-41. Marc Mathys, all about the RE-SET

Building Your Business with Sara Troy and her guest Marc Mathys, on air from October 3rd

After receiving my reset 18 years ago my life changed completely, I was a different man and I ask myself the question why is the happening to me.

After 5 years on research looking at how the brain works in neuroscience and quantum physics, I found the answer, and this is what I teach at Reset-it.

In 2016 the Tedx Quebec found out what I was doing, and they invited me to do Ted Talk about my research (how we can change our lives in a fraction of a second) Reset-It has a series of workshops that will teach you, how you can reset the interference that doesn’t belong to you !!

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The day after receiving my (what I call today my reset).

I asked myself why and started looking for answers. Starting with the brain learning how it works all the mechanics behind it and that brought me to neuroscience and quantum physique. After 5 years of research, Reset-it was born and started my mindfulness workshops, 2016 I was asked to do a TEDx talk about my research on how we can change our thinking in a fraction of a second. 

Marc donating his time to me, and helped me so much in keeping present, and not letting old conditioning control me. Thank you Marc.

Today I work all over the world in my mindfulness workshops.

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