C22-40. Happy Healthy Julie Mann

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Julie Mann, on air from September 27th

We are talking about the importance of self care and being ‘Unapologetically YOU’ based on my discoveries, over my 64 year lifetime.  I believe that self care is the key to being healthy and happy and that good habits enable us to sustain it, through life’s challenges.

About 25 years ago, Julie trained as a Hypnotherapist Life Coach and EFT Practitioner.  She also now shows men and women how to live, healthy, happy, sustainable lives by changing their habits and using cutting edge products to help them age well.

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Julie has worked as an actor for over 40 years.  Her CV includes working at London’s prestigious National Theatre, playing several roles in BBC TV plays and regularly presenting a BBC Radio programme for children.  Julie’s voice over work includes client Ikea.

About 25 years ago, whilst pregnant with her daughter Katie, Julie experienced ‘panic attacks’ and in desperation went to see a Hypnotherapist.  The Hypnotherapy was so effective that she decided to train as a Hypnotherapist herself.  A few years later, Julie discovered  Life Coaching and EFT, and decided to add those skills to her toolbox.  

As Julie was approaching her 60’s, her husband very suddenly asked for a divorce.  Although she loved acting and working with clients, Julie knew that without a pension, she would need another income stream too.  Whatever she ‘added in’, would need to be flexible and allow her to work the hours she wanted to work, no matter where she was in the World.  

Not knowing anything about health or wellness, and never having run her own online business before, Julie took a leap, realising that partnering with a 42 year old brand that offered all the support and mentorship she needed, meant she’d find a way to be successful at it.  Besides, knowing that the key to a happy, healthy life is ‘self care’, it would fit perfectly with what she was already doing.

In a nutshell, Julie combines her acting work with showing men and women how to live, healthy, happy, sustainable lives by changing their habits and using cutting edge products to help them age well.’


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Julie interview Sara on Self Talk