AK22-39. Leon Conrad’s Art of a Story

Authors Kiss with Sara Troy and her guest Leon Conrad, on air from September 20th

We’ve been telling stories for thousands of years now. What can we learn about story and how it works that we don’t already know? In his book Story and Structure, Leon sheds new light on story, sounding new depths, diving deeper into the sea of story than anyone has ever gone before – and he’s here to tell the story of what he’s discovered in those unexplored depths. Most importantly, what he uncovers is a pearl of great price from the depths of that sea of story that can help us shape the way we live our life more flowingly and more harmoniously.

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Leon was born in London, UK to a Polish father and Coptic Egyptian mother. He spent his formative years between the ages of 6 and 18 in Egypt in a multi-lingual environment among souks, bazaars, catacombs, markets, and a living tradition of oral storytelling straight out of the Arabian Nights.

A traditionally published author and storyteller, Leon has published extensively in journals and magazines, written theatre shows, and contributed to radio programmes. He’s an avid reader and a keen researcher who loves to find satisfactory answers to questions we don’t yet have satisfactory answers to.

As a story structure consultant, Leon works with both fiction and non-fiction writers to help people’s thoughts shine more brightly, so they communicate more clearly and their voice resonates with presence.

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