IG22-38. AWESOME Meredith Herrenbruck

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest Meredith Herrenbruck, on air from September 13th

How NLP, Family Soul Constellations and Huna are crucial elements to use to help improve our experience in life. Meredith explores the connections between NLP, Family Soul Constellations and Huna Healing as well as how these different aspects form our mental programming, and can help uncover the root cause of a person’s issues.

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Paranormal/Attachment Topics-

The Ghost in the Closet- Why kids are afraid of the dark. Have now had 2 clients with real issues. 1 a ghost, other was an entity attached to a toy.

Energy (sometimes even entities, too) attached to objects:  Rings, gifts, WWII helmets, you name it. Knife hidden beneath a newly paved street. Wreaking havoc on the living. 

Keeping ourselves and our houses clean and vibrant- need to keep things clean, organized and energetically happy. Negativity breeds negativity and entities and come in and attach and deplete you of yours. Especially during COVID, we have placed TONS of negativity and fear in our home and it is being reflected back to us. 

Change in personality? New Phobia?  It makes no sense. Perhaps it’s an entity that attached. They bring their baggage with them.

Still mourning the loss of a loved one years later? Still crying when you think about them? They didn’t go to the great beyond, but actually attached to you. 

Old phobias, anxieties, beliefs that make no sense, and have nothing to do with your current life?  It’s a past life trauma that needs to be released. 

My quest for the right tools began as a young child when a childhood trauma knocked on my door.  Without the resources and support I needed (let alone identify), it took a long time to heal. I went through  my own pain, depression, frustration, and only once I found these particular tools as an adult did relief finally come my way.  And not only did the relief come but finally I had excitement for the future. Why did it take so long? 

Because I realized that after a long time in talk therapy, I started to spin my wheels. I wasn’t moving through and beyond my pain like I needed and wanted.  I also learned that I couldn’t change other people, that I had to change my own beliefs and experience.  That’s the only thing we have control over, and all that really matters, right? We want to have a better experience.  And our experience on this earth, as I have learned, is a many layered thing. 

Transformational NLP life coach, writer, speaker and author of Becoming Ridiculously Awesome, Who Doesn’t Want That? Meredith Herrenbruck is an experienced NLP coach helps you get to the root cause of what stops you from experiencing the life you want through her multi-faceted experience and training. She has a master practitioner certification from NLP Marin, a Family Soul Constellations facilitator certification and was initiated into Huna by Kahuna Mark Saito in Hawaii. She studied Huna with him over the span of 3 years.





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