22-29 Be Your Seeds of Joy……

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from July 30th

Are you tired and run down by all the negativity out there in the world? 

Are you feeling saturated by all the hate and discord? 

Do you feel you have no energy or reason to go on in life? 

Are you feeling trapped in a world of miserly? 


Decide to plants seeds of gratitude for all you do have, and water those seeds of joy and let bloom. We must change our mindset, we must open our hearts even if we feel pain, for a closed heart cannot receive the divine’s message of clarity and love. 

An open heart lets the soul’s wisdom come through enriching the heart and igniting our spirit into exuberant action thus giving our minds clarity of what we need to know when we need to know it. 

Only when you decide that you are not going to feed the negativity, the doom and gloom anymore, can you start to see the solutions of hope and possibilities. You may have to say goodbye to some places and people, you may have to go into yourself and block others for a while so you can realign and set your spirit heart and soul free. 

Take a deep breath and do it again until your feel relaxed and calm. Now speak positives to yourself by looking at what you have to be grateful for, and that you do have options should you seek them out. Tell people that you are unavailable for a while and place that loving value upon yourself. 

Imagine, if the ONE WEEK you only amerced in positive things, do caringness and showing kindness, be around nature and all its loving good vibrations. Nature does not lie, it does not judge, it does not hate, no matter what we do to it. Being amongst such loving vibrations is so healing. 

Music is a soul and heart opener and can calm an anxious mind and soul and help lift people from depression, so can nutritional’s and (some meds) that can feed our bodies what it needs to raise our energies. 

Here at Self Discovery Media, we have a channel called Mental Health Awareness, and here you will find many answers on how to regain our equilibrium again and find that loving joy of living and being alive in this beautiful abundant world. When we hear that we are not alone, but others and facing challenges themselves and that they have found a way out of the maze of despair into loving joy, it shows us that we too, if we act on it can reach the same beautiful loving vibrations of joy and love our selves. After all we are the peace we seek, we are the love we seek, we are the joy and exuberance that others seek from us. 

Be that solution for others by first healing yourself. 

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